From Vegas to Disneyland.. The Kansas City Chiefs are World Champions!

Whether you’re a Niners or Chiefs fan, a degenerate gambler (sorry if you had the anthem under), rooting for dynasty greatness, you’re a Swiftie or even a closet Usher fan, there was something for everyone.

The first two quarters and change were controlled by the 49ers, with their defense stymieing Mahomes and the Chiefs, limiting them to just 6 points from their first 9 drives, including a costly Pacheco fumble in the red zone and a rare Mahomes interception. Yet the Niners weren’t able to capitalise, scoring just 10 points in the first half themselves.

Half time wasn’t much of a reprieve for fans looking for a shootout either with musical carnage of 13 songs in 13.5 minutes, unless you’re an Alicia Keys fan (guilty) or rappers and dancers trying not to fall over on rollerblades (also guilty).

Good to see the Niners made offensive adjustments at half time, punting on their first 3 drives and only giving their best player McCaffrey 2 touches in the process.

In the fourth, it was game on with both teams finally getting in a groove on offense and the game providing some excitement, coming down to the wire. When the Niners kicker missed an extra point after a touchdown in the fourth, we all knew it was going to cost them the game and sure enough it did.

What would have helped the Niners is if they knew the overtime rules, asking to receive and settling for a field goal, giving Mahomes and the Chiefs (who did know the rules) 4 downs and most certainly scoring a walk-off touchdown for the win – on an Andy Reid Corn Dog special nonetheless!

Re Mahomes, we are witnessing the heir to the GOAT throne, and unless Tom Brady comes out of retirement to stop him, expect to see a few more.

While NFL fans, gamblers, Usher fans and rollerblading enthusiasts are sad the spectacle is over, at least we have 6 months of daily Travis & Taylor content to keep us entertained until next season (it’s a Love Story, baby just say yes)!



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