The Valley Review – January 27, 2024.

Moonee Valley Meeting Review 

Date: 27/01/24

Track: Good 4

Rail: True

Race 1: BM (70) – 1500m

Tempo: Went very fast early.

Race Overview: I’ve got this race rating negatively for the class. They have gone 4 lengths inside standard but they have slugged home late. There are margins there but I think that is a slight on the beaten horses more than a positive for the first 2 home.

Socks Nation ($7) – Was 6 weeks between runs so the hot tempo wasn’t necessarily going to suit her but had the absolute dream run in behind them. Entitled to win but worried about it coming out of this race.

Acid Wash ($1.50) – Went from getting a soft lead out in front at Cranbourne to sitting outside the lead on a hot tempo which is less than ideal. The only horse I could take out of the race.

Last Word: Worried about this race as a formline, and really worried about any horse after the first 2 home.

 SOCKS NATION  had a dream run on Saturday.

Race 2: BM (70) – 1600m

Tempo: Solid early tempo.

Race Overview: I have the rating above average for the class. Came home ok after a solid early tempo. Good margins

Ceerseven ($3.40) – Out the gate in betting but that is understandable due to the jockey and map issues. Overcome both of those and won well. Nice horse and would love to see what he can do with a jockey on board.

Brooklyn Boss ($3.30) – Backed into favouritism with D.Lane on board and map advantages over the favourite. Every possible chance and entitled to win the race. Happy to be against next start.

Last Word: Taking the winner only out of this race.

Horse To Follow: Ceerseven

CEERSEVEN  is one to follow.

Race 3: BM (70) – 1600m

Tempo: Moderate early tempo.

Race Overview: They went slow early but ran a really strong last 600m figure and good margin to 3rd. I have this race rating 5 pts (about 3 lengths inside standard). 

Very Sewreel ($2) – Thought Jye McNeil should have pushed on to lead given they were going slow but in the end it didn’t matter. Nice horse and this race has rated really well.

Fire Of Etna ($4.40) – Was down in grade here and solid in the betting. Unfortunately just ran into a good one. Hard to beat next start.

Last Word: Keen to follow the first 2 home.

Horses to Follow: Very Sewreel, Fire Of Etna.

VERY SEWREEL  was the best of the day.

Race 4: BM (84) – 1600m

Tempo: About average tempo for the first half of the race.

Race Overview: Bunched finish and only average time makes me worried for this race. Feels like a lot of these horses have found their level

Piaggio ($8.50) – Nice effort. Blended into the race at the right time. This is his level, I don’t expect him to scale any great heights but will be competitive in similar races going forward.

Running By ($1.85) – The strength of the market push for this horse probably suggested it was going to lead. Regardless it was disappointing. Held its rating from last start so this may be his level also.

Belle Savoir ($26) – Probably the one horse in the race who has a bit more to offer this campaign but the big SP worries me.

Last Word: Happy to be against this race going forward. 

PIAGGIO  has found his level.

Race 5: BM (70) – 1200m

Tempo: Strong early tempo.

Race Overview: First 3 home were all rails in run. Struggled to break standard time for the class despite the early tempo. The favourite bungling the start makes it a hard race to follow.

Miss Take ($8.5) – Was a big improvement ratings wise on anything it had done. Got an absolutely dream run through. Think it will be hard for her to replicate this sort of performance next start if she gets a less than favourable run.

Extratwo ($2.45) – Got it all wrong at the start. Hope they put a senior jockey on before its next run.

Lazy Susan ($5) – Every possible chance. Getting deep into its campaign and happy to forget about her for now.

Last Word: I rate Extratwo as a horse so interested in him next start but not the rest.

EXTRATWO  is of some interest.


Race 6: BM (100) – 2040m

Tempo: Very slow early tempo

Race Overview: Margin to 3rd but overall time wasn’t flash.

Independent Road ($4.20) – Absolutely handed to him on a platter.

Flash Feeling ($4.20) – Chased hard but the winner had it too easy in front.

Last Word: They just go around every second week against the same horses. Uninspiring formline for mine.


Race 7: BM (70) – 2040m

Tempo: Moderate early tempo

Race Overview: Some separation in the field and sprinted home well. This race has got some hope.

Akrotiri ($31) – Market didn’t want to be with it given the SP. Had shown glimpses of ability and the ability to race on speed will give it chance in similar races going forward.

Interlinked ($3.30) –  I loved how this horse picked up when the sprint went on at the 600m. Kept fighting to the line and winner had too nice a run up front.

Fretta ($2.80) – A horse who I think has shown good promise and was going to work through the grade but this was plain disappointing. Couldn’t sprint with them. Maybe out to 2400m might suit but my optimism on her is waning.

Last Word: Starting Price of the winner would normally deter me from following the race but it has rated well.

Horse to Follow: Interlinked.

INTERLINKED  another one to follow.

Race 8: BM (78) – 1000m

Tempo: Strong tempo

Race Overview: Race has flown. Great time, good late sections. First 2 home are very nice horses.

Mornington Glory ($2.50) – Drifter in betting despite running a massive figure at its last start. Can understand why given the main danger was going to lead and the market is very responsive to the Speed Maps. Regardless he has held that rating from last start and is a stakes horse. It might be next campaign but he will reach that level.

Philosopher ($1.85) – Jockey change and map ensured this horse was off the map. Run down by a smart one. Follow.

Last Word: Need to follow this race as a formline.

Horses to Follow: Mornington Glory, Philosopher.

MORNINGTON GLORY  raced home in the 8th.

Race 9: Group 2 Australia Stakes – 1200m

Tempo: Solid tempo.

Race Overview: Race has rated below average for the class but you can forgive the first up horses for not running a peak rating. Overall the race isn’t one to follow.

Veight ($2.15) – Had a cosy run and ran a good rating at first run from spell. Would need to go up another level to get to G1 level and I don’t think he is a certainty to do that. Also some chance he is a 1200-1400m horse and not the 1600m horse they want him to become.

Southport Tycoon ($5) – Was only rated 78 going into the race. Does jump up to 90 after that race but ran well and they have an option to drop in grade with him.

Last Word: With horses all at different stages of their prep we need to pick the eyes out of this race.

Horse to Follow: Southport Tycoon

VEIGHT  roars home to win the Australia Stakes.

Race 10: BM (78) – 1200m

Tempo: Went quick.

Race Overview: Went out fast but also came home well. This race has gone really well.

Pereille ($2.30) – Once it was established that you could make ground this horse had to be a bet. Really nice horse and can win much better races than this.

Last Word: Form will stack up out of this.

Horse To Follow: Pereille

Horses to Follow:

  • Ceerseven
  • Very Sewreel
  • Fire Of Etna
  • Mornington Glory
  • Philosopher
  • Pereille


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