Mocca’s Mail Review: Sandown Feb 29th & Meadows March 2nd, 2024.

Mocca’s Mint Mail Review

Sandown Park, Feb 29th

Units bet                        6.5

Units collected              6.7

Profit units                     +0.2   (+3%)

The Meadows, Mar 2nd

Units bet                         8.8

Units collected              4.8

Profit units                    -4.0 (-45%)

WEEK TOTAL LOSS  -3.8 (-25%)

RUNNING TALLY – (4 weeks) 

Sandown profit  +6.4u (+22%)

Meadows loss    -2.2u (-8%)

Overall profit      +4.1u (+7%)

The Punt                     

Mocca’s famous blast in the last became the blast out in the last at Sandown Park, rescuing a profit on the night as Wincey Bale sent us off to bed a winner with bank intact.

Thankfully Mocc decided to ditch the skirt, put some pants on and have a bet at The Meadows this week and was almost off to a flyer with a $20 winner, as Edsel Bale found only one better in race 4.

An audible winner followed, with Mepunga Luna getting to the price Mocca wanted in race 8 – giving us momentum heading into the blast in the last only to see Mocc’s girl Lakeview Emily with 2.5u bet on her shoulders go down in the ultimate by the narrowest of margins.

As the great fictional American football coach Tony D’Amato aka Al Pacino famously sort of said, “The Punt, like life, is a game of inches.”

And if he didn’t say that, he should have.

All that said Mocca keeps his nose in front with 7% profit on turnover after 8 meetings of Mocca Mail.  Sandown seems to be his wheelhouse at the moment, despite his love of the pink box which as we know has brought the more than a few good men to their knees.

Mocca is ready to rock and this week’s sets include bets at Sandown Thursday, The Meadows Satdy and as always he’ll cast a keen eye over other meetings of interest.  Get all his mail right here at OR…

Punters wanting assistance accessing Mocca’s Mint Mail can hit up MintBet live chat and they’ll set you up, no login required.

You can also get all Mocc’s stuff simply by following him on Twitter right here Mocca’s Mail (@notsuredontknow) / X (

A look ahead to the Sandgroper – 44 Days to go!

With the huge announcement that BIG ENERGY will race in the MintBet slot for a crack at the $600k in prizemoney on offer in the Western Trilogy greys feature April 18th, a keen eye was cast on the opposition competing in the Horsham Cup heats last Friday night.


Punters HQ will be feeling better about the world again as Explicit bounced right back to win unchallenged in his Horsham Cup heat.  He has now drawn the pink in Friday’s final and we get to see if he can improve again to leave him nicely tuned up 7 weeks out from the big one in the west.

TABtouch’s runner Morton is reportedly recuperating after his recent Group 1 glory, ahead of the April feature and will not head west for the Perth Cup as had been mooted.

We keep our ears to the ground for further slot announcements…. Be sure to tune in to the Greyhound Insider pod ‘Coast to Coast’ available on spotify

MintBet slot runner Big Energy is eating his kibble, saying his prayers and training the house down back in Pearcedale at Greenough HQ – 44 days to go until the big boy returns to Western Australia to chase ‘groper glory in front of his hometown owners.



Explicit (Punters HQ)     $2.45

Morton (TABtouch)       $4.20

Big Energy (MintBet)     $5.50

Pass The Buck               $6
Crumble Monelli           $8.5

Alpha Zulu                    $7
Elite Machine               $10



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