Sandown Meeting Review

Track: Good 4

Rail: 10m

Race 1: Bm 78 (2400m)

Tempo: Went quick. 10L inside to the 600m for the class.

Race Overview: Went well inside standard overall but they were entitled to given how hard they went out. Gutbuster for a lot of horses.

So Unusual ($3.7) – Progressive horse who had the 2400m lead up into this. Good margins to 4th.. Not sure where they go but he is on the up.

Highland Jakk ($13) – Right part of the field for the tempo and had cover. This is his level.

Glentaneous ($8) – Really solid in the betting. Every chance.

Wahine Toa ($9) – Gutbuster chasing a hot tempo. If there was an end of prep run this was it. Surely paddock bound.

Last Word: Careful of this as a formline. Could be a gutbuster.

Race 2: Autumn Stakes (1400m)

Tempo: Absolute crawl early.

Race Overview: Obviously they weren’t given the chance to run any time here. No margins. Probably a good easy kick off point for some horses who have targets further down the track.

Glint Of Silver ($12) – Suited by the race shape and was 4th run in so had fitness edge. This will be as good as it gets for this horse. Some chance he has won his last race now his rating will go up significantly.

Amenable ($9) – Nice pipe opener for this horse. He has got something but is the level below the absolute cream 3yo’s.

The Fortune Teller ($6) – Did enough. Better for the run.

Pericles ($3.7) – Most interesting thing about this horse was how solid it was in the betting. $4.60 into $3.7 late. Ran fine without much luck. Market support makes me want to be on his side going forward.

Calico Jack ($4) – Obviously something wrong. Disgraceful performance.

Last Word: Some horses trying to stake their claim on the Australian Guineas in this race. If the big guns run in the race, this isn’t the formline.

Race 3: C&G Blue Diamond Prelude (1100m)

Tempo: Even tempo early. Sprint home.

Race Overview: Ran 0.5 seconds slower than the Fillies.

Barber ($3.9) – Big drifter in betting but Kah pinged it out of the gates. Solid win but time only fair. Favourite for the Blue Diamond? Wow

Brave Halo ($2.9) – Anyone who says Ollie hasn’t lost a yard or two is kidding themselves. Love the market support and didn’t get much room. Best horse in the race.

Little Brose ($8) – Nice late. Hasn’t got the figures yet but is impressive.

Last Word: If there is anything coming down from Sydney for the Blue Diamond with any semblance of form then I am backing it.

Race 4: Fillies Blue Diamond Prelude (1100m)

Tempo: Much more solid tempo than the colts race.

Race Overview: All honours the winner. Brave win. Race entitled to go quicker than the colts and this lot look limited.

Exploring ($14) – Makes own luck in front. Kept kicking which doesn’t say much for the beaten brigade.

Party For Two ($8.5) – Good market support for the Qld filly ridden by Knackers Beriman. That market support just shows how poor the Melbourne 2yo’s are more than anything.

Charm Stone ($2.3) – Ah the old Trainer Spruik claims another victim. Had no figures. $2.30 SP but was $2.80 on Betfair.. syndicates really pushing against it. Every possible and can forget about it as a horse.

Cigar Flick ($8) – Thought the market might come for it a touch more. Caught wide but kept grinding. Pass mark.

Last Word: If there is anything coming down from Sydney for the Blue Diamond with any semblance of form then I am backing it.

Race 5: Kevin Hayes Stakes (1100m)

Tempo: 4L inside to the 600m

Race Overview: Suited to horses running. Overall time was good. Didn’t get the separation in the field that you would love but some nice fillies here.

Rich Fortune ($13) – Untapped and had run time leading in. Nice horse.

Queen Of The Ball ($5.5) – Heavily supported in market. Little wide but every chance. Come back well.

She Dances ($4.6) – Couldn’t get to favoured position of leading. Probably a forgive but got soft in the market and I think she needs to go for a break and start again.

Dusse ($6) – Off 47 days and hot tempo brought her undone. Think this is another they need to send for a spell and start again.

Cythera ($15) – Run of the race. Only on-pace horse who did anything.

Last Word: Some good fillies here, some that need the paddock.

Race 6: Rubiton Stakes (1100m)

Tempo: Solid tempo.

Race Overview: Race has gone solid. Nothing unbelievable but a good starting point for some very good horses

Lofty Strike ($9.5) – I was critical of their decision to dodge the Blue Diamond last year but they are about to reap the rewards. This is a serious horse. 22.10 for the last 400m. Can aim at whatever they want. Is he the next Chautauqua?

Uncommon James ($2.4) – Absolutely off the map and connections will be happy they didn’t win and cop more weight in the Oakleigh Plate. Can win it.

Chain Of Lightning ($5.5) – Should’ve won. Live chance in the Oakleigh Plate.

Last Word: This is going to be a potent form race.

Race 7: C.F. Orr Stakes (1400m)

Tempo: Moderate tempo. Sprint home.

Race Overview: No margins but time was strong. A lot of horses will get significant improvement from this race.

Jacquinot ($4.2) – Kept attacking the line. Still think he is a horse that would be best suited to sitting back off a solid tempo at 1200m. Genuine G1 star nonetheless.

Gentleman Roy ($9) – He has done ratings in the past that suggest he is up to G1 class and confirmed it here. Well handled by camp and gets another go at a G1 in the Futurity. Will give a sight.

Nugget ($9.5) – Nice start. Looks like he will get 2000m so has plenty of options.

I’m Thunderstruck ($3) – Absolutely monstered in the market. J.Kah going back on no doubt a factor. Pass mark and going to be a chance in whatever he runs in.

Tuvalu ($6) – Probably not the best part of the track. Just a run.

Mr Brightside ($10) – The Flashing Light. Many would be surprised to know that Aegon ran a quicker last 200m down on the inside but that is the deception of the camera angle. Hard to find the right race for this horse.

Last Word: Beware the Flashing Light.

Race 8: Carlyon Cup (1600m)

Tempo: Breakneck.

Race Overview: Not for the feint hearted. Well inside standard time but entitled to be.

Pounding ($8.5) – Keep opposing this horse but keeps burning me. Winning on soft tempos, fast tempos, everything. J.Kah has ridden 4 times for 3 career peaks. Anyone who thinks she isn’t a star needs their head read. Surely he is getting to the end of the prep?

Sunshine Rising ($3.2) – Absolutely smashed in betting. Suited by the tempo but just plugged. Left it in the bag.

Corner Pocket ($3.3) – Stuck on the inside but hardly an inspiring run.

Last Word: Gutbuster for many.

Race 9: Bm 84 (1400m)

Tempo: Ollie went at decent enough clip and rated the leader well.

Race Overview: Time was ok but no margins.

Here To Shock ($6) – Market had been saying he was going to do that but kept overracing. Nice ride and win. 3rd up peak can he hold next start?

Munhamek ($7) – Thought he needed the paddock and then he goes and does that.

Eagles Crag ($5.5) – Market loved him first up. Did enough.

Last Word: Bit of a let down after all the Group racing.

Horses to Follow:

· Cythera

· I’m Thunderstruck

· Lofty Strike/Uncommon James/Chain Of Lightning.



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