Moonee Valley Feehan Stakes Day Meeting Review

Date: 03/09/22

Track: Soft 6

Pattern: Had to be on-pace or Rails in run. Worst betting track in Aus.

Race 1: 3yo Hcp – (1500m)

Tempo: They went out very quick here (-9.4L to the 600m) and the fact that the leader could keep going and win was worrying early signs for the track.

Race Overview: Worried about this race. Went out very quick but struggled to break standard time. Last 200m was run in 13.80, absolutely putrid.

Castillian ($4.80): Change of tactics to go forward to suit the expected track pattern. Last sectional was ordinary and although he is building a good record, the depth in the 3yo will get stronger the deeper we get into Spring. Feel as though he will be found out shortly.

Major Beel ($3.80): Expected it to go forward and lead but just couldn’t go the early tempo. Probably not the worst effort considering the Waterhouse/Bott horses are much better when they lead. He would be the horse I would take out of the race if I had to take one.

Last Word: Race has gone ordinary, and has the potential to be a gut buster.

Race 2: Powerflo Solutions Handicap – (2040m)

Tempo: Just inside standard to the 600m, the type of tempo where, on a fair track, every horse gets their chance.

Race Overview: Although the last 200m was only fair, there is some horses in this race with a fair bit of juice left in them this campaign. First 3 home were rails in run at least for the early part of the race.

Desert Icon ($3.90): 3rd up on the 7-day back up, the absolute classic C.Waller set up. Had a nice run in transit and was probably entitled to win but won well. Don’t generally like to follow horses at their next start after winning on the back up but this horse is flying, puts itself right in the race, and generally holds his form.

Midnight Blue ($13): Every possible chance. Probably in the right part of the track but was only 2nd up and gets over more ground.

Harmysian ($10): Held up and unlucky not to finish closer. Career peak rating but just think he was in the right part of the track. Has his limitations but obviously going well.

Last Word: Would definitely be following Desert Icon but have my queries on the rest of them.

Race 3: Inglis Ready2race Sale Oct 11 – (1200m)

Tempo: Just outside standard for the first 600m.

Race Overview: Some nice horses in this race who just couldn’t get into the race the way this track was racing.

Shalaman ($4.20): Surprisingly weak in the market considering his racing pattern. Run to suit here and poor last sectional means I have to be against him next start. Only going to get harder and getting deep into his campaign

Meridius ($7): Busted the clock at Sale in his maiden win. Really got going late. Was only first up and would definitely be following him ahead of the winner just need to get him away from the Valley. Think he would lap up the Flemington straight.

Millane ($4.60): Wide no cover on a day where that was not the place to be. Have to be forgiving of him.

Sebonack ($8): Held up slightly around the turn but didn’t find the line. Camp going terribly (5 from their last 50)

Last Word: Want to follow Meridius and Millane, but thinking Shalaman has got his City win this campaign and will be against him next start.

Race 4: Feehan Stakes – (1600m)

Tempo: Diabolical early tempo.

Race Overview: Absolute boat race here. Slow early tempo probably only suited Mr Brightside who has the best turn of foot of this lot.

Mr Brightside ($1.65): Was expected to win and did so in visually great fashion. Ran the quickest L400 and L200 of the day but what does that even mean? Was definitely entitled to. I have been very critical of the Hayes camp but the way they have handled this horse has been excellent. They are talking Cox Plates (he isn’t in Anamoe or Zaaki’s class) or Caulfield Cups (please don’t, nothing about him suggests 2400m suits), but let’s not carried away with this race given how it was run. There is no doubt he has graduated to G1 WFA quality but he needs to improve to win a Cox Plate.

Inspirational Girl ($6): Left flat-footed but was ok late. Need to get her back to Flemington.

Spanish Mission ($8.50): Probably not suited by slow tempo but there is some chance he is no good.

Earlswood ($5): Drifted in betting and was pathetic.

Last Word: Let’s not get carried away with this. They are talking the big ones with Mr Brightside but this was nothing more than a track gallop. Need to see him again.

Race 5: McEwen Stakes – (1000m)

Tempo: Zoustyle missed the kick but was able to kick through and lead. 1000m races are run at a different intensity to 1200m races and some horses don’t like it.

Race Overview: A bit to unpack here, a lot of horses early in their campaign who will improve immensely out of this.

Rothfire ($6): Let’s not get caught up in the romantic side of Rothfire but have they found the key to this horse? Keep him to 1000m? He has gone well here and think he is a live chance in the Moir. The fact he has now proven himself at the Valley is a big plus.

Zoustyle ($10): Suited by the on-pace bias here. Doubt he is up to the class of the Moir.

Coolangatta ($2.50):  Outside the leader on a decent tempo is never the place to be. Has gone ok here but not a run that has you scurrying for the Futures markets of the G1’s. I’m just not sure about her but hard to doubt the camp.

The Interno ($14): Not sure why McNeil was 3 lengths off the 2nd last horse in the mid-stages. Ran well but needs a more positive ride than that to win the Moir.

In The Congo ($5.50): They just don’t know what to do with this horse, why was it even in this race? Doesn’t have the speed for 1000m races and was caught wide so completely forgive. If he was my horse, I would’ve had him up and running for the early 1400m G1 likes the Memsie where he would’ve been able to lead but too late for that. Not sure where he goes?

Away Game ($5.50): Hard to write her off but could be Gonski.

Last Word: Rothfire can win the Moir.

Race 6: Atlantic Jewel – (1200m)

Tempo: They went out strongly here.

Race Overview: Solid early tempo and they have run 2L inside standard. There will be horses to follow out of this race going forward.

Troach ($4.60): Sydney form was potent during the Autumn and looks like it will be during the Spring too. This horse makes its own luck and had a big jockey change. All honours as it is hard to sit OSL on a good tempo. Can win again.

Lady Laguna ($3.80): Both runs this time in have been good in races with strong early tempos. Ready to win.

I’mlovin’ya ($4): Liked this horse going into the race but thought he had every chance. Worth one more? Maybe

Boogie Dancer ($7.50): The horse to follow as she gets over more ground.

Mumbai Jewel ($21): One for the video watchers but there was a reason why she was $21.

Last Word: Some nice horses to follow out of this race

Race 7: Chautauqua Stakes – (1200m)

Tempo: Went like last weeks pay out in front.

Race Overview: Strong early tempo and, as it was most of the day, backmarkers found it hard to get into the race.

Aysar ($20): Absolute peach of a ride. Got the best run of all time in transit and got the job done. Big SP and coming off a PR (Perfect Run), couldn’t possibly be with him next start. Happy Birthday to Aysar!

Enchanted Heart ($21): Sydney form here. Absolutely mammoth run. Got another win in her.

Corner Pocket ($6): OSL first up. Went well. 3rdup controlling over 1400m will be his go.

Prince Of Boom ($5): Would give him another chance away from the Valley.

Last Word: Aysar won’t win another race but he’s got a pretty good life after racing awaiting him.

Race 8: Drummond Golf Hcp – (1600m)

Tempo: Went at a good clip early.

Race Overview: This is the race to be following. Good time and very good margins.

Military Expert ($3.2): Absolutely pissed in. J.L.Kah has had 2 rides on him for 2 wins. Gone to another level here. Obviously suited by the pattern but is flying. Following him wherever he goes.

Uncle Bryn ($2.50): Not suited by the way the track was racing but went really well. Impossible camp to follow but is ready to win next start.

Last Word: Follow the first 2 home with confidence.

Race 9: PFD Handicap – (1600m)

Tempo: Strong early tempo (-4.4L to the 600m)

Race Overview: Another race dominated by horses either leading or rails in run.

Pounding ($7.5): Had the absolute perfect run for the way the race was run and the way the track was racing. Hard to be enthusiastic about it going forward after having so many things in its favour.

Global Gift ($8.50): Clearly the best run of the race. Only horse I could possibly take out of the race.

Last Word: Be forgiving of those in the back of the field.

Horses to Follow:

· Military Expert/Uncle Bryn – The race as a whole has gone good and these two have plenty of scope for improvement.

· Corner Pocket – OSL on a good tempo. Think he has come back well. 3rd up over 1400m is his go.

· Desert Icon –  Don’t generally like backing horses after they have peaked on the back up but just feel like he is absolutely flying.

· Meridius – Very good against the pattern. Nice horse.

Horses to Bin:

· Aysar – Had its birthday on Saturday. Couldn’t possibly back him next start.

· Spanish Mission – Couple of things against him on Saturday but not convinced he is any good.



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