LIV, the future of professional golf

The industry of professional golf has been long overdue for a shakeup. With the past two decades being very hit and miss for the sport and little to no investments and ideas from the governing bodies. With the PGA failing to provide any answers, champion golfer Greg Norman has officially come to the rescue with the new Saudi backed LIV golf league.

Featuring a new format all of which make life as a spectator much easier meaning that tournaments are shorter over a three-day period, shotgun starts have abolished tee times and a team event that makes every week feel like a Ryder cup match. Also, no cuts meaning that all fans and spectators are able to watch their favourite golfers over a whole weekend. It’s hard to find any flaws within this new and exciting league. And neither are the fans! The atmosphere and excitement of fans of the final day at the event at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club only solidified the excitement of golf fans of this much needed facelift to the old game.

Fans are treated to an experience far greater than just a sporting event with music and culinary experiences making the tour more attractable to a broader range of society rather than the avid golf lovers of the world. Liv is ultimate way to experience and watch golf and has the potential to grow the game unlike before!

Not only has the league’s first two tournaments provided some exciting golf featuring the likes of Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Ian Poulter and Brooks Keopka, the LIV golf experience offers more than just a day out at the golf. And not only the fans are loving it. Brandon Grace stated after his Portland invitational win, “Shit this is fun… I’ve never experienced anything like this”.  So far the relaxed environment is proving the key to success.

This new party atmosphere is ultimately a welcome change for fans and players providing a more relaxed and comfortable environment to both play and spectate golf. We’re only two events in but already LIV has managed to do what the PGA couldn’t for 20 years. It’s relaxed the game and turned silence into electricity. Not only this but LIV has brought a Formula 1 attitude to the sport of golf. A party lifestyle for what was a previously dull professional sport.

LIV has injected colour and life into professional golf and with time could continue to grow and inspire future generations and attract young eyes to the great game that is golf. Whilst its only just the beginning of the LIV journey it’s already proven itself as a successful alternative to the professional side of the sport other than the PGA. With more time and support there’s no doubt that we’re seeing the birth of the future of professional golf.



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