Flemington Meeting Review

Date: 14/01/23

Rail: 8m

Track: Good 4


Race 1

Tempo: Sat up early as they tend to do down the straight.

Race Overview: Good margins but time only fair. Don’t get carried away with the race.

Veecee ($4.80) – About the only horse you want to be taking out of the race. Full of style but not much there on the clock. Great camp so can continue to improve. Doubt he is a Blue Diamond horse.

Tom Kitten ($4) – Market told the story here, $2.60 out to $4. May not have been in the best part of the track but was a very ordinary effort.

Hellish ($5.50) – Race experience helped here and ran ok but think its limited.

Last Word: Horses like Tom Kitten are the reason bookmakers are in business. I don’t know how people bet into these races.

Race 2

Tempo: Really slowed through the middle stages. Sprinted home.

Race Overview: Did well to go inside standard considering the slow early tempo.

Dunkel ($1.85) – Really nice horse. Good effort to pick up with the big weight. They are talking SA Derby which I think is logical. Timing of preparation from here will be interesting.

Soul Choice ($5) – Couldn’t have done any more just run down by a good horse. Got more left in the tank this campaign and can win races.

Hard To Cross ($8.5) – Had a 6kg weight swing on Dunkel but there is a gulf in ability. They need to lower their sights with this horse.

Last Word: Happy to follow this race as a form line in the next few weeks.

Race 3

Tempo: Mid-race slow down.

Race Overview: Going into this race it looked awful and coming out of it, doesn’t look any better.

Princess Rhaenys ($8.5) – Ice cold ride. Will have trouble repeating the rating given the blessed run it got.

Commando Drift ($6) – Tempo suited but kept kicking. There is something there.

Fighting Arrow ($5) – Low % play given how far it gets back. Was solid enough in the market.

Pachino ($6) – I know Kiran Quilty had ridden it at its last 2 wins, but you don’t get many chances to win a Saturday city race. Put a senior jockey on, it has ability.

Last Word: A race that didn’t rate great, but if they all face each other in a couple of weeks we have some angles we can work on.

Race 4

Tempo: Leisurely

Race Overview: Thin race, first 2 home are the only ones to follow.

Spirit Ridge ($3.3) – Brought the Sydney form line and race was run to suit. Has used up that edge now but was only 3rd run in and can go to 2400/2500m and run well.

Swords Drawn ($4.2) – Good margin to 3rd and has steam left this campaign. As long as the races don’t get much harder, can be followed.

Last Word: Forget about the rest.

Race 5

Tempo: Good tempo allowed the best horses to flourish.

Race Overview: Good time and margins. Looks a potent race.

Belle Et Riche ($2.7) – Good ride. Just hasn’t had much luck finding a spot in the lead up. Market trended to her, and she won well. Had 4 runs back so this may have been her peak run but hard to knock.

Forbidden City ($3) – I thought was a little disappointing, but race has rated well and hasn’t been beaten far.

Rioyuki ($12) – Came out of a race at Warrnambool, won by Danny’s St Darci, that I think will prove to be a good form line. Massive run here and the horse to follow.

Dazzling Lucy ($10) – Don’t think she is a 1400m horse.

Last Word: Follow this race and, in particular, Rioyuki.

Race 6

Tempo: Went out slow for this class.

Race Overview: Due to the tempo the back markers just never got into the race.

Snapper ($5.5) – Left alone in front and was absolutely gifted the race. Sprint races gets much harder quickly at this time of year and will find it hard.

Rose Quartz ($4) – Probably needed them to go a little quicker in front but is still struggling to get back to its peak ratings of the past. Chances might have past her by this campaign.

Dawn Passage ($10) – Hasn’t won a race for 2 ½ years and I’m not sure the camp know what to do with him. Was an ok return but find it hard to think of where it can be placed to win.

Last Word: Grand Final for some horses and doubt this will be a potent form line.

Race 7

Tempo: Went quick out in front.

Race Overview: Good time and margins set up by the early tempo.

Beltoro ($7.5) – Saves his best for this track and distance. Was set up for it and won well. Will have a hard time repeating that rating and did start $7.50 so happy to be against next start.

Here To Shock ($2.5) – Overdid it in front and was a pretty meek effort. Sacked.

Hasseltoff ($7) – Ran home ok but looks to have found his level.

Last Word: Beltoro was ultra-impressive, but we know what he is and doubt he can hold that rating next start.

Race 8

Tempo: Finally, some tempo in a straight race.

Race Overview: Went well inside standard. Dominated by the horses on the speed.

D’Jumbuck ($6) – Good time and margins. Came out of the Daily Bugle race at Sandown where it sat outside the lead on a hot tempo and still stuck on. Follow him, he is flying.

Jungle Jim ($2.9) – Progressive and showing a liking for the straight.

Kentucky Casnova ($6) – Didn’t do much but was off a long break and this race has rated well. Be forgiving.

Last Word: Winner is flying and can win again.

Race 9

Tempo: Even tempo early. Sprint home.

Race Overview: Gotta keep in mind that this was an 80k Benchmark 70 so a lot weaker than the rest of the races on the card. Need to pick the eyes out of it.

Shove Over ($8.5) – Perfect run in the 1-1. Is progressive.

British Columbia ($3.1) – Leaders found it tough all day and he stuck on ok. Obviously disappointing given the price he started but should be ready to peak 3rd up.

Victory Bay ($3.1) – I think horses really run for Luke Nolen even though he isn’t the strongest in a finish. I just don’t think he is suiting this horse at the moment. Was never a chance that far back and is going well enough to win one of these races.

Last Word: Happy to follow the 2 horses who were solid in the market British Columbia and Victory Bay in a similar race to this. Can win in the right circumstances.

Horses to Follow

· Rioyuki – Follow it wherever it goes

· Soul Choice – Ready to win again

· British Columbia – Ready



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